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Happy Women

We are on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs and equality advocates.

Even though women’s participation in public life has gone through a lot of positive changes over the past years, women are still terribly under-represented in various industries, business and entrepreneurship being one of them. 

To this day, women encounter a lot more difficulties than their male counterparts when starting a business.


Ergon studio was founded in 2019 in Berlin with the mission to support female entrepreneurs and artists in building their dream companies. We provide business coaching, financial education, marketing and branding services and we are building a community and network where female innovators can interact, exchange experiences and assist each other on the road to success.

We partner with global brands, from start-ups to market leaders and we invest a percentage of our fees in supporting female business owners by offering them full consultation and marketing services under special fees and payment terms.

Whether you are a female entrepreneur looking to build and grow your business or a business owner who believes in gender equality, join our partnership programme and be part of an empowering community of visionnaires. 

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